Saturday, September 12, 2009

To all my brothers and sisters..

Not All Jews Are Zionists

"Jahannam Yahudi!"

"Jahannam Yahudi Laknatullah!"

"Mampus Yahudi!"

Those were amongts the swears being loudly uttered by the demonstrators in any rallies organised in Malaysia in condemning Israel and showing solidarity towards the Palestinians. For some parties, Jews are equal to Zionists, Judaism is equal to Zionism, Jewish nation is equal to Israel.

I wouldn't agree much with such generalisation. The fact that what is happening in Gaza, and Palestine as a whole has nothing to do with the Jewish people as a nation nor the Judaism as a religion. Since the day Herzl (the founder of World Zionist Organisation) declared the idea of Erez Yisrael (Israeli state) until today, thousands of Jews, from the lay people to intellectuals, politicians and thinkers strongly disagreed and oppossed the idea and the ideology for whatever reasons they adherent to.

If the Jewish people are all Zionists, What have we to say about people like Alan Hart, Ilan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, Muhammad Asad, Mariam Jameelah, or Jewish organisations like Satmar and Naturei Karta who repeatedly calling for the inhilation of the Israeli state for it is against the teaching of Torah and Talmud?

Are not they all Jews?

Or do we want to agree with the Zionists' label against those good hearted people as 'Self-hating Jews'?

For those who still insist to curse or swear the 'Yahudi' as a nation, I am afraid this will lead to the Medieval Christian's and Europeans' creed that created the centuries of pogrom and discrimination towards the Jewish people, hence resulted to the butchery crime of Holocaust. The Medieval Europeans, specifically pre-protestant period and the Catholics later on adamantly. Justify Full believed that Jewish people were the murderers of Jesus. Hence they are entitled to all the presecutions. Had not the Protestants and in specific, the Millenists promulgated the belief of Apocalypse, and had not Hitler slaughtered the non-Zionist Jews in Europe, the Jewish people should continue living in difficulties in Europe.

As Uri Avnery used to mention in his writing criticising Pope Benedict's hatred remark on the Muslims, the Jewish people have never experienced more security and prospherity in Europe as they were in Islamic Andalusia. When the inquisition of the Christian Spain chased the Jewish people from the Iberian Peninsular, it was the Ottoman Empire in Turkey who sheltered them. Muslim lands were safe heaven for the Jewish people when their brethens in Europe were experiencing discrimination, execution and massacres.

Furthermore, Jewish people along with the Christians were regarded as 'Ahl al-Kitab' or the people of the book. Muslims are allowed to eat their slaughter and to marry their women. They even enjoy lot of previleges during the Islamic empires reigns. The condemns and critiques on the Jewish people in al-Quran was mentioned as part of the history which even the Old Testament (or Torah according to the Judaism) also shared lot of says. While some verses and even Hadiths cursing the Jews were mentioned in contexts, which amongts them were the acts of treason by the Jewish tribes (Bani Nadhir, Bani Qurayzar, Bani Qaynuqa') settling in Medina during that period and those critiques were not dedicated to the Jewish as a nation.

In sum, while confronting the inhumane Israeli agressions not only in Gaza, but every single inch of the occupied land, we should not neglect the justice. The sterotype of some anti-Islam parties in generalising all Muslims as terrorist, and the Islamic teaching as the doctrine of terror must be avoided by the Muslims in giving their judgement to the Jewish people. As I strongly oppose those who embrace the idea that 'Muslims are terrorists', I am also against those who blatantly chanting 'Jahannam Yahudi'...

As for the Zionists, they are not necessary to be Jews; the Christian Zionists in the USA and all over Europe are not to be forgotten. Perhaps their number is outnumbering the Jewish Zionists in Israel. However, the worst amongst them are the cold-hearted Muslim Zionists who have the guts to condone what their Zionist comrades committed to their Muslim brethens in Palestine.

"Allahummansur Filistiniyin wa Muslimin"

"Allahumma dammir Israel wa man wallahum"

"Allahumma a'izzil Islaam wal Muslimin"

freedom is mine...

freedom is mine...
do you know how to feel the freedom??.do what Allah ask you to do,and leave what HE ask you to leave..