Friday, August 28, 2009


Why are Muslims concerned about the Palestinian issue?The Palestinian issue had been,and indeed,still is,of paramount importance to both the Arab and Muslim worlds for three major reasons:

First is the sacredness of Palestine,and the sentimental-spiritual attachment of all Muslims to its blessed lands.

Secondly is the deeply rooted and bitter historical and ideological hatred of the Zionist Jews to Islam and the Muslims.

Thirdly is the extensive imperialist nature of the western-Zionist project,and its persistent drive to fragment the Muslim ummah into weak and isolated entitles under the dominance and hegemony of the super powers.

The transplantation in 1948 of the Zionist entity of Israel in Palestine,the heart of the Muslim Ummah, and its vast military and political threat jeopardizes the struggle of the Ummah towards liberation,unity and the restoration of its historical and pioneering role in the world.It is,indeed,the major challenge facing the Muslims at this difficult juncture of their history.


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freedom is mine...

freedom is mine...
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